Your vision : amplified

The SansLand Group

In a world where clear communication can be the difference between success and failure, every word counts.

Our team of qualified professionals is devoted to serving all of your needs in the written media field and beyond.

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SansLand Group is a team of writers, translators, and designers that can handle a range of projects, providing you with the personal and professional assistance you need

Our core staff of writers, editors and translators has a combined total of over 80 years of writing experience in four languages and includes a newspaper columnist, editors and translators. We have written grants, press releases, newsletters, speeches, articles, children’s stories, movie reviews, editorials, feature articles, biographies and more.

When you receive a proposal from SansLand Group it comes directly from the member of the group who will handle your project. This assures you that from the start you are getting the best direct communication possible.

Project Coordinator Tina Wald will again attend the Backspace conference in Manhattan in May 2011 as an author and volunteer. The conference provides a great opportunity to meet with other authors and agents and to learn about the publishing industry.

For more information on the Backspace conference, see their conference website.

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